(Yet another) Media Roundup

From Foreign Policy, Reihan Salam examines how widespread unemployment among young men is changing the workforce and its potential political and social consequences. Fascinating stuff. Meanwhile, Haruki Murakami discusses his new novel, 1Q84, which had absolutely no publicity until it hit Tokyo bookshelves (an apparently very successful marketing technique);  and Conversational Reading asks, “Will Inherent Vice be Filmable?” (This is the title of Pynchon’s upcoming novel, but it’s more fun not to know that).  In Prospect, Mark Cousins identifies the year’s major cinematic theme as vengeance (although based on several upcoming Hollywood releases, I would argue that new age-y spiritual fulfillment is also a contender) and in American Prospect, Michelle Goldberg (presumably no relation to Jonah) writes about the burqa as a symbol of political liberation.

Finally, at OpenDemocracy, Ismael Morena has an excellent analysis of Honduras’ current political predicament. I never thought I’d see then day when two feature spots on the New York Times’ website were dedicated to Latin America (the other was the Argentine elections).


~ by Jessica on July 3, 2009.

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