Media Roundup

A roundup of non-required (but entertaining) reading.

Thoughts on Sotomayer: The Village Voice, Washington Post, Slate, George Lakoff, Stanley Fish and The Nation weigh in.

The Economist reports that living abroad gives you a creative edge; New Scientist answers the eternal question of why cats fail to grasp string theory; The Nation covers ‘the Kundera conundrum‘; Spiegel examines the decline of humanitarianism in the recession; The Wall Street Journal analyzes Obama with the assistance of South Park; Louis Menand asks if you can teach creative writing; The New York Times makes a trend out of the ‘bad mommy‘ movement; and the first college graduation occurs on Second Life.

Recessionomics: Legal blog Above the Law reports on Lev Ekster, a New York Law School student who decided to open a mobile cupcake service after coming to terms with the grim job prospects for lawyers and the grim cupcake prospects at the Magnolia bakery.

Concerning the line at Magnolia: “‘The experience reminded me of my parents’ stories of waiting in line for bread,’ says the native Ukrainian.”

From Buzzfeed, the best of the top five David Lynch mashups:

Wrapping up, here’s the funniest thread in the Chronicle of Higher Ed forums, and is finally alive and kicking. I recommend Chad Post’s excellent syllabi of works by Latin American authors (LatAmLit?) as a good point of entry.

On another note, is anybody else excited about the EU elections?


~ by Jessica on June 1, 2009.

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