Media roundup

A compendium of things I’ve enjoyed reading recently.

On books (and bees): From the London Review, and old James Wood essay on Czech author Bohumil Hrabal — my new favorite Hrabal quote: “Any book worth its salt is meant to make you jump out of bed in your underwear and run and beat the author’s brains out” — Gideon Lewis-Kraus‘ DFW-esque account of the Frankfurt Book Fair; Martin Amis remembers J.G. Ballard; and Adam Kirsch and Noah Baumbach reflect on revolutions and bees, respectively.

On politics (and pigs): Tom Jacobs on the moral universe of conservatism, Cory Doctorow examines cyber-transparency and justice, Dahlia Lithwick considers David Souter’s departure (and TNR looks at his conservatism), David Leonhardt conducts an excellent Obama interview, hip-hop historian Jeff Chang calls for a creative stimulus, and Wired goes hunting for the ancestry of Swine Flu.

Finally, academics and policy-makers weigh in on Mark Taylor’s doomsday Times op-ed about the state of higher education, and Gawker also joins the fray.



~ by Jessica on May 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Media roundup”

  1. Dig the Hrabal quote. I Just started reading Too Loud a Solitude.

  2. Yeah, me too — wow.

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