Media roundup…

A brief and eclectic assortment of some of the better things I’ve read on the internet lately.

Joseph Stiglitz advocates bank nationalization in The Nation; Daniel Mendelsohn reviews Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones in the New York Review of Books; Slate‘s Daniel Gross considers the war against the rich (hint: it’s a civil war); Gourmet Magazine examines the relationship between tomatoes and modern day slavery; The Washington Post tags along on a creationist field trip to the Natural History Museum; in OpenDemocracy, Daniel Nichanian looks at France’s unique relationship to Barack Obama, and Eyal Weizman introduces the notion of “lawfare” to the recent war in Israel/Palestine; The Times Literary Supplement revisits the life and work of Paul Valéry; and The Economist sets out to uncover the roots of Mexico’s drug trafficking problem.

Finally, The New Yorker responds to Maureen Dowd’s idiotic op-ed about Michelle Obama’s arms.



~ by Jessica on March 11, 2009.

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