The McLovin’ curve

As some of you may remember, back when this blog was largely about the minutiae of the election (remember, the thing to talk about before the economic crash?) I ran a post about how one of John McCain’s promotional hats inadvertently referenced one of the characters in Superbad. Well, as the Puppycam and suggest, the internet works in mysterious ways. Last week, Black Octavo enjoyed a significant spike in hits, jumping from regular readers (my mom, et al.) to hundreds more overnight. Eventually, I figured out why: I was the first Google image hit for this picture:

Awesome. So much for my fifteen minutes. Anybody want to hire me for search engine optimization?


~ by Jessica on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “The McLovin’ curve”

  1. I’ve experienced the same odd spike, albeit due to a post where I photoshopped the top hat that the New Yorker cover-drawing Eustace Tilley wears onto Lil Wayne.

  2. Thank you for counting me in as one of your regular readers. I think you’re great!!

    All in the family

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