Notes on the inauguration

Here’s Hendrik Hertzberg’s take on Obama’s decision to have Rick Warren speak at the inauguration. It’s the best opinion piece I’ve read on Warren so far, making the point that drawing evangelicals into public conversation doesn’t concede to anti-gay proponents, it forces them to reevaluate and defend their beliefs. Also, Hertzberg notes that Warren considers divorce a far greater sin than gay marriage — a “no-brainer,” as he calls it.

From Warren’s website, here’s a list of the “five giants” — the global problems he considers to be most significant:

1. The first global giant is spiritual darkness.

2. The second giant we want to tackle is the lack of servant leaders around the world.

3. The third giant we’re going after is poverty.

4. The fourth giant we want to attack is disease.

5. The fifth giant we want to tackle is ignorance.

While Warren was clearly a disappointing choice, in terms of evangelicals, things certainly could have been worse. Combating civil rights movements isn’t one of his top priorities, and his primary focus is oriented around alleviating poverty. As far as sexual politics go, perhaps Warren’s been enlightened through other features on the New Yorker‘s website.


~ by Jessica on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “Notes on the inauguration”

  1. Was supposed to go to the inauguration, not with a ticket to anything or whatnot, but to just be there. Then my place to stay fell through, and other smaller nuisances grew, so no more for that. Either way, happy new year to you Jess, best of wishes and such.

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