On the debate…

From Slate, an article entitled “So Palin Can Speak in Complete Sentences. She Still Knows Nothing About Foreign Policy.” My sentiments exactly, although the complete sentences that didn’t sound force-fed seemed better suited for a PTA meeting. More to come later, but for now, I leave you with a poem:

“Befoulers of the Verbiage”

It was an unfair attack on the verbiage
That Senator McCain chose to use,
Because the fundamentals,
As he was having to explain afterwards,
He means our workforce.
He means the ingenuity of the American.
And of course that is strong,
And that is the foundation of our economy.
So that was an unfair attack there,
Again based on verbiage.

– Sarah Palin (To S. Hannity, Fox News, Sept. 18, 2008)


~ by Jessica on October 3, 2008.

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