New Pamuk Novel Debuts in Turkey

Orhan Pamuk’s new novel Masumiyet Müzesi (which, according to my sources, translates to Museum of Innocence) came out last week in Turkey. Here’s a description from Today’s Zaman (a nifty little English site about Turkish news and culture):

Focusing on the question “What, in fact, is love?” the author touches on every field of life, ranging from the details of everyday life such as newspapers and television to painting to loneliness, friendship and family. Beginning in 1975, the novel narrates the story of a rich İstanbul man named Kemal and his poor distant female cousin, Fisun.

Well-educated, 30 year-old Kemal is a member of the Basmacı famıly, owners of a large textile company; his love interest is beautiful, 18-year-old Fisun. Dedicating the novel to his daughter, Pamuk takes a deep, detailed and funny look at both the back streets of İstanbul and what magazines call “high society.” The back of the book lists an index of 150 people, which readers will meet many times over the course of the book’s 83 chapters. On the whole, “Masumiyet Müzesi” touches on many issues — from love to furniture, from museums to sex and virginity.

Additionally, In a not-so-subtle effort to blur divisions between reality and fiction, Pamuk plans on opening a museum in Istanbul’s Çukurcuma district featuring objects relevant to the book. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as when I Googled the phrase “postmodern literary tricks,” this article was the second hit.

The German translated is slated to come out next week, and the English publication dates have yet to be released.


~ by Jessica on September 8, 2008.

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